Friday, September 28, 2012

Catching up 2

Kacie is a great helper in the kitchen!
 Brett and I were able to go down to Sacramento for Michael and Cheryl's wedding.  Here we are waiting outside the temple
 The cute couple!
 I was just messing around and took these pictures of Nate and Kacie by the pond at our neighborhood entrance.

 Zach at his Eagle court of honor.  Brett is giving part of the eagle charge.
 Zach is saying the scout promise

So nice of Debi and Katie's families to come!  We really appreciate all the support we get from our family.  Jon Weber is the photo bomber in this one--sorry Deb!

Catching up!

 I've decided that getting behind on blogging isn't worth it!  It's nearly impossible to try to catch up after 7 month.  So, here are just a few pictures from the last 7 months.   First one of Zach behind grandma and grandpa's house.  I always thought it would be a good location for a picture and so one day I was just playing around and took a few of him.  This is the one that made it on the blog.
 Zach was busy all summer moving pipe.  He had his friend take this with his phone camera.  Not quite sure what is up with the shirt around his head but it made for an interesting pic.
 Kacie was determined to take her friends to Rexburg Rapids for her 7th birthday.  This is her and her friend Sadie.  It was no where near warm enough to go but because it was her birthday request I took them over.  They didn't last long before the poor girls were freezing.  They found warmth playing in the showers in the locker room.
 Zach testing out his new gun. 
 Nate testing out the bb guns at cub scout day camp at Krupp Hollow
 They panned for gold...
 and played this stick pull game--if I remember right I won! :)
 Laura and I waiting for the monorail in Seattle the day before our marathon on June 21
 Me at the marathon expo
 I made it! 
 Laura and I at Pikes Market in Seattle
 Nate's class took a field trip to the teddy bear clinic put on my Madison Memorial Hospital
 Nate's pinewood derby car. 
 Kacie was on a kick of playing restaurant.  She would set up a table and chairs in the kitchen and ask people to come sit down and order something.  Mostly chicken  nuggests and water were on the menu.  It was so cute.
 Kacie posing for me
 Zach coming in from the running part of the Duathlon he did with Brett. 
 Brett riding in to the finish
 Zach Brett and Dan--way to go guys!`
Zach received his Eagle this summer.  we are so proud of him and the work he put in to earn it!

I am sure I will find some more pictures to add later but for now these will have to do. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus!

Santa made his annual visit to the Robinson Christmas party this year! He is always so generous and brought the kids each pajama bottoms--they love them!

I threw in these pictures of Nate and Kacie at their school Christmas programs


I added these photos of the zip line after my original post.

Oh how we love Maui! We had a great relaxing trip! We were at the beach almost everyday, we snorkeled, swam, and some did zip line. We ate lots of yummy food and just chilled!

Kacie's sand man
modeling dad's hat and sunglasses pool side
ready to go down to the beach
Relaxing on the dinner cruise
chillin' at the beach
on the diinner cruise--I think the sun was in our eyes!
These two love to get their picture take
Check out that sunset! Kacie is showing off her hot chocolate
I think its' safe to say that Kacie had a blast
Heading back to dock after a day of snorkeling
Believe it or not, this picture was not staged--they were actually holding hands walking down the sidewalk! love it
Who's that good lookin' young man?!
playing in the surf was a daily activity
After a wonderful New Year's meal at Kimo's
You're never too old to play in the sand
Dolphins came right up to the boat! We saw so many. We also saw a whale in her calf. The calf was breaching a ton! It was awesome!
Kacie is a good sport!
On one of the snorkel boats. We took two snorkel trips. From these boats is where we saw the whales and dolphins
Nate chillin' on the boat
Waiting for our yummy pizza at Flat Bread. The best pizza, but we waited forever!
Bubba Gumps is one of the kids' favorite places to eat
Relaxing at the condo
Waiting to board the dinner cruise boat
The sand was so fine and soft
I love this one! My kids ready to boogie board--their favorite activity
The resort pool was super fun!

We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to return to Hawaii! Can't wait til next time!